We provide a full range of banking and financial consulting services. Our team possesses the experience, resources, and the focus necessary to manage various strategic and financial requirements of our clients. In delivering our services, we act and advise as if we are major stakeholders with our clients, working alongside their management team, board of directors, and major investors.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Capital Sourcing (Debt and Equity)
  • Lead Financial Advisory on Syndications
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring (Fixing a business)
  • Business Consulting (Improving a business)

We clearly define our engagements and structure them to align our compensation with our client’s objectives. Fees for our services may be structured in a number of ways. Typically, fixed study-fee arrangements are used for project work, and monthly or quarterly retainers and success fees are additionally used for significant transactions. We are flexible in structuring and pricing our engagements.

Our passion is to help business owners grow and realize shareholder value. We have long-term financial advisory contracts with our clients as we believe in having incessant relationships with our clients rather than working on one-off deal-based transactions.

We have a professional credit environment including a team of experienced credit analysts supporting the operations in addition to a credit committee discussing and providing decisions on cases, proving that we are very selective in our clientele base having successfully closed various transactions relying on our experience, creativity and proven processes.